Is Nose Aesthetics Different in Men and Women?

Is Nose Aesthetics Different in Men and Women?

The structure of the nose in the face area affects the person both aesthetically and psychologically. The advancement of technology day by day causes advanced levels to be experienced in the field of medicine. In this way, very simple methods have been developed in nose surgeries.

Although rhinoplasty seems to be an application for beauty in our environment, it can sometimes be done for an involuntary reason. It is made for the health of people who have respiratory problems due to the structure of the nose. It is rare for men to have rhinoplasty compared to women. This situation is not strange when women have a rhinoplasty.

However, when men have rhinoplasty, this situation is considered strange by our people. There are some differences in male and female rhinoplasty. At the beginning of these, the nose structure preferred and owned by men and women is very different. The ideal nose for women is different, the ideal nose for men is different.

Men want a clear and strong nose job. Women, on the other hand, generally want rhinoplasty with a slightly raised tip. Another difference in male and female rhinoplasty is the size of the nose. Women mostly prefer a short nose. Structural conditions such as the width of the nose are also counted among the differences in male and female rhinoplasty.

Things to consider in Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Male and female anatomy are different from each other. That’s why rhinoplasty is done differently. Men’s skin is thicker and harder than women’s. For this reason, it takes a longer time for the stitch marks of the man with rhinoplasty to disappear. In women, the important thing is that the nose does not lose its natural appearance. However, even if it is for aesthetic purposes, you should have it done by experts in the field of aesthetics. It should be checked whether your nose is suitable for aesthetic operation.

What is Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty is the most common of the surgeries performed in the aesthetic field. It is an operation performed to correct the shape of the nose due to a congenital structural defect in the nose, subsequent accident, or trauma. Although the cause is called deformity, plastic surgery is also needed in cases such as difficulty in breathing caused by this deformity.

How is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Today, with the development of modern technology, aesthetic surgeries are performed simply.

What are the Situations That May Be Encountered As A Result Of Nose Aesthetics?

The recovery process of people with rhinoplasty depends on the type of operation. The recovery of a normally aesthetic person and the disappearance of the scars of the stitches will be at the end of 1 month. However, some problems may also be encountered.

These problems are:

  • It is normal to have swelling and bruising in the nose. There is no danger to this.
  • There may be a case of bleeding from the nose. This is a problem that can be seen both during and after surgery. Bleeding may cause nausea if swallowed.
  • Bruising and swelling may occur under custody.
  • Nasal congestion occurs.

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