Muscoflex Tablet

Muscoflex Duo Tablet

Muscoflex Duo Tablet has a capsule form. It contains the active substance Thiocolsicoside. It is generally supplied in boxes containing 10, 14, and 20 capsules. It is used for sudden spinal cord pain and muscle contractions. It is an extremely effective drug as an adjunct therapy.

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What is Muscoflex Duo Tablet?

Muscoflex, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain relievers and muscle relaxants; It is frequently used in musculoskeletal diseases, joint calcifications, neck and back pain, torsion and injury.

If you are going to use it as a gel or cream as a muscle relaxant, you should check out our Muscoflex Duo Gel article. Usage and other details are available in our article.

What Does Muscoflex Tablet Do?

Muscoflex Duo Tablet is a drug preferred for complaints such as swelling and pain. It is very effective in spine-focused disorders and external rheumatism treatments. It provides relief from complaints such as swelling, inflammation and pain. The use of the drug takes an average of 6-7 days. The drug is suitable for oral use. It should be taken orally in one piece with a glass of water. It is forbidden for children to use because of the high dose.

Muscoflex Tablet

What Is Muscoflex Duo Tablet Used For?

The drug is generally used in spinal disorders, muscle pain, contractions. It is also used against pain that occurs in rheumatic diseases or after surgical operations. However, it should never be used without the supervision of a physician.

Muscoflex Duo Tablet Price

Although the current price of Muscoflex Tablet is 4,53 $, these figures seem to be changing rapidly. For this reason, you can learn the most up-to-date price from your pharmacy before purchasing the medicine. 


Prospectus of Muscoflex Duo Tablet It is available in PDF at this address. Details about the drug and its side effects, instructions for use and The main benefits are shared in detail.

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Muscoflex Duo Gel

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